Finding a Photography Project

I’m all for a bit of a project when it comes to photography. In fact I seem to constantly be on the lookout for a bit of inspiration to make me go out and shoot more – whether that’s on film or digital.

I’m not equipped for a 365. Working from home as I do does not make for many opportunities to shoot something, anything everyday. It’s a fun idea and I’ve tried before but in truth if I did manage one it would be the dullest 365 ever, that’s for sure!

There’s a couple of photography forums I look at quite often, and although I’m not particularly active on any of them, the projects some offer are very good.

52 Week Challenge Project

My interest piqued when I noticed a 52 week challenge project. The basics are a topic is chosen for the week and you have 6 days to present at least one image that is relevant to the topic.

They also have a list of technique challenges, of which four are drawn out throughout the year, meaning a bit more thought needs to be taken with these challenges and it provides an opportunity to learn or try out a new technique.

This is perfect for me as there’s plenty to do, it’s not as pressurised as a 365 and there’s plenty of critique/encouragement as you post for your photograph for the week.

It’s certainly a popular project too with something like 60 people starting the challenge on this forum alone and many of those taking on the challenge for another year, have been doing them for the past few years.

The good thing about this is there’s a list of topics and one is drawn randomly. It means I don’t have to wrack my brains thinking of topics I just follow what’s been chosen. Of course you can interpretate the topic for the week as you wish, but the challenge is really to nail a photograph that best represents the chosen topic.

It’s early days as I’ve missed the first couple of weeks although I’ve caught up by posting images for the first three weeks. I’ll add in a category here for my 52 and you can follow along too if you wish to.

If you’re looking for or undertaking a challenge of any sort I’d love to hear what you’re doing and how it inspires you.

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