Classic Cars in Black and White

I am a sucker for black and white.

I am a sucker for black and white. Digital is great for black and white, film is sublime! I love nothing more than to shoot a roll of Kodak Tri-X or similar, develop it at home and scan it in.

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Does Film Speed You Up?

New Blog Post: Does Film Speed You Up. #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead

There’s a well known saying in the film community that film slows you down. Compared to shooting with a digital camera, film makes you think more about the photograph you are making and in doing so the process slows you down.

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Leica Summicron 40mm f2

Leica Summicron 40mm f2 – perfect when you love 50mm and adore 35mm and can’t decide if you are a 50 or 35mm man!

Since buying both the M10 digital & M6 film bodies, I’ve had a bit of GAS with regards to a Summicron lens.

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Monte-Carlo Historique – Banbury

Monte-Carlo Historique in Banbury – a fun thing to do on a Thursday morning!

Banbury hosts the Rally Monte-Carlo Historique entrants with a sideshow of classic and vintage cars around the market square.

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