Fujifilm X-Pro1 in 2021

Fujifilm X-Pro1 in 2021

A camera that’s almost 10 years old…. a consumer product that through its lifetime has evolved to where it is now. Is it really worth considering a Fujifilm X-Pro1 in 2021, particularly for woodland and outdoor photography?

This isn’t a technical overview of the camera, there’s plenty of reviews and thoughts out there for the X-Pro1, this is simply my own concise feelings about the camera.

For what it’s worth I have shot with the X-Pro1 since almost inception… I think the current body I have is the third and by far the most used and abused. There’s something about the little X-Pro1 that means I like to keep one hanging around in spite of having more sophisticated camera systems.

In use I simply pair it with a Fujifilm XF35mm f2, I don’t have any other lenses for it. I have an adaptor that allows me to use my Leica M lenses on it, but to be honest I rarely bother changing the lens. The 35mm gives me a full frame equivalent of 50mm, and I need not much else these days.

Pro’s of the X-Pro1
Image quality
Manual controls

Cons of the X-Pro1
‘Only’ 16MP
Slow speed use
EVF slow

The XF35mm f2 certainly helps in terms of focus speed, it makes the camera useable, but for sure it’s no speed demon! Great for what I need, general day to day photographs and trips into woodland, but for anything faster it’s slow in comparison to todays offering.

Image Quality
Whilst I’ve listed it as a con of only being 16MP in real terms the quality of the images the Fujifilm X-Pro1 produces far outweigh that. The X-Pro1 sensor has a special quality, that Fujifilm have been unable to re-discover in later models.

For me, the X-Pro1 creates the best output of all Fuji cameras, it’s a personal thing but my preference, having owned quite a lot of Fuji camera bodies, is for the output of the X-Pro1.

A lot has been made over the years about the relationship with Fujifilm files and Adobe Lightroom. Personally, I don’t get too hung up about it – I’ve always found the quality of LR to be acceptable for me…. but I’m no pixel peeper. YMMV.

Buy one or move on?
In some respects the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is the perfect camera for those looking for a camera to learn photography on. All of the manual controls can be used to experiment and learn the basics. The camera still offers a number of film simulations that are popular now. But it is yesterdays technology and won’t suit all, however it is a camera that puts the fun back into photography.

For me, I use mine occasionally when I want something different. I invariably use it on a tripod with a manual shutter cable release, in manual mode as I’m shooting slow and deliberate – and for those reasons, it’s a camera I would always recommend, especially given the price of them on the used market today.

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