In the Shadows

In the Shadows

Camera: Nikon Z6 Lens: Nikon 40mm F2

3 responses to “In the Shadows”

  1. Hi Dave I recently found your blog and have been reading with interest. I also shoot a Z6 and absolutely love the images that it produces. Do you convert your images to monochrome in post or do you use the built in camera profile? I don’t shoot much in mono however usually convert after the event. Would be good to hear your process

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    • Thanks for the comment Matt. A fellow Midland photographer and Z6 user I see! I agree with you regarding image quality – got to love those Nikon RAW files.

      I shoot in black and white in camera for seeing the composure and exposure, but convert the RAW file in Lightroom. I have a couple of presets I tend to use as a base starting point.

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