I’m becoming a bit of a Nikon fanboi!

I’m becoming a bit of a Nikon fanboi!

I’ve recently had a bit of a sort out of camera gear and sold off a couple of bits of gear I don’t use as much as they should be.

With the money burning a hole in the wallet, I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement for my old Fuji X-Pro1, which has seen better days & changes in my eyesight causing me a bit of a problem with the viewfinder.

During a recent couple of days away it showed me how the ageing X-Pro1 is becoming more difficult to live with day to day. I had initially thought of picking up a used Fujifilm X-Pro2, but used prices are still strong and I’ve never been a huge fan of those X-trans files.

That really left me with a bit of a dilemma in terms of what to replace my X-Pro1 with.

What I did consider is that alongside my Nikon Z6 I do like a smaller, easy to carry, more lightweight option. Most often with a small prime lens as opposed to the zoom lenses I have with the Z6.

Lightbulb Moment

Casting around the various photography sites it became apparent that a fixed lens small camera isn’t freely available, other than the Fujifilm X100 series or more high end offerings from Leica and such like.

In a bit of a lightbulb moment I started looking at the Nikon ZFC. It’s small, it’s lightweight and it’s quite the looker.

Oh so pretty

I like Nikon files – I’ve always been a fan of them, the colours and vibrancy always look good to me and the files are always super easy to work on.

The big advantage of the ZFC is that the files match up pretty well to my Z6, even if it’s an APS-C sensor, which is a bonus. I’ve talked before about how I feel about the Nikon Z6, but the quality of the files is never in question.

The ZFC actually helps in this regard. It’s an awful lot smaller and looks more more the part than the Z6, I can use my Z lenses on it – albeit in APS-C mode, but again that’s no bad thing. The 14-30mm F4 lens will work perfectly as a 21-45mm lens and the 24-70mm F4 lens will work equally well as a 36-105mm. I also have the 40mm f2.

So I’ve literally just picked up the Z fc & 28mm Z f2.8 kit. My thinking is that with the Zfc, 28mm and 40mm f2 lenses it will make a great twin lens kit for travel photography.

The ZFC is brand new in hand, so I’m not in a position to say much about it. It looks fantastic (did I already mention that), however it’s not all goodness and light.

It’s a little bit plasticky which does cheapen it but keeps the weight down. If only Nikon had gone all out to produce in better materials it would be pretty amazing.

It features a tilty-flip out screen which I’ll reserve judgement on until I’ve used it, but first impressions are OK, that’s different – very different.

So with the Nikon Z6 in one hand and the ZFC in the other, I’m turning a little bit Nikon fanboi at present. Considering I was going to sell the lot and go all in on Leica quite a bit has changed over a short space of time!

And for those thinking about my Leica M10-P, oh that things stays… no questions asked!

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