Recent Wandering with the Nikon Zfc

Recent Wandering with the Nikon Zfc

Let’s start by saying I’m no street photographer… or is it that I have any real interest in, in fairness, so none of the photos I’ve posted have any great merit in them, other they were fun to take!

However, the opportunity to wander with a mate of mine who’s a similar photography nut gave me the ideal options of shooting a few frames with the Nikon Zfc.

Travelling light it was just a case of the Zfc with the 28mm f2.8 Z lens over the shoulder. No bag required, no other lenses required.

First Impressions
First impressions using the Nikon Zfc out in the real world are very good. It’s easy to carry over the shoulder, the lightweight body and lens combination, actually working well.

The auto focus (just set to standard single point AF-S) works really quickly, probably quicker than my Z6 in truth and using the camera in Aperture Priority makes it really simple to operate. The camera is very responsive with all of the dials & buttons easily accessible for changing settings on the fly.

What I did like, which I didn’t think about much until after we’d wandered for a while, was by having the screen closed I did no chimping of the photos at all.

My usual process when shooting digital for shooting is compose, shoot and chimp. This didn’t happen at all while I was out and about… a bit of a first for me and made me think about when I’m shooting film.

Good Old Nikon Colours
Colour wise, I really like the Nikon colour profiles. The Zfc profiles (in Lightroom) are classic Nikon and feel slightly more saturated than the Z6 files… they definitely look a lot more like my old D700 & D750 for colour.

All I’ve literally done with the images below is to add a little contrast and some clarity.

Overall I’m quite smitten with the little Nikon Zfc, it has about as much from a technical & feature set that I want.

I think it will be a great camera for casual days out, holidays and weekend trips away where photography isn’t the main focus – which is where I believe Nikon have placed this camera.

Here’s a few more photographs from wandering Cheltenham.

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