Falling in love all over again

Falling in love all over again

A little while ago, I had a bit of a clear out of camera gear I had with the intention of picking up a lens or two for my Leica M10-P. In the end somehow I managed to talk myself into buying a Nikon Zfc, thinking it would be a fun camera for casual, everyday photography.

In truth the little Nikon Zfc is a great little camera and even just after a few weeks I’ve become quite attached to the small, lightweight Nikon ZFC which for its price and capabilities is a great little package.

In fact it’s such a good little package I’ve used it quite a bit for more casual shooting, for instance when we’re out for walks throughout the week or wandering around someplace on a Sunday.

Quite the compelling package!

However, for all that good feeling and intentions I have towards the Nikon, picking up the Leica and shooting with it makes me fall in love with it all over again. There’s a feeling I get from shooting with the M10-P that no other camera offers at this moment in time.

Whilst I really like the files I get from both my Nikon Zfc and Z6, I really love the files the M10-P produces. There’s a richness and creaminess to them I just don’t see with other files.

Even after two and a half years shooting with the Leica M10-P, I still find it a slowing down and having to think process. The lack of AF makes you think, the basic metering (centre weighted, bordering on spot metering) is challenging and the propensity to blow the highlights all means I have to slow down and think more about what I’m doing with the camera.

And to be honest, that’s no bad thing. Whilst I can wander with my Nikon cameras and literally focus and shoot, knowing the matrix metering mode will sort things out and the focussing will be spot on, there’s something more mediative when shooting with the M10-P.

Now as I’m typing this, it all sounds like balderdash, but the truth is the Leica M10-P makes me want to go out and shoot… the Nikon options I have are there for when I want simplicity.

Both serve an excellent service, but the Leica wins out in terms of passion.

Having dabbled quite a bit with the Nikon gear I have over the last month or so, it’s the Leica that wins out for me and will always have my heart.

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