Nikon Zfc first thoughts

Nikon Zfc first thoughts

Inspired by film cameras of yesteryear, I was immediately taken in by the Nikon Zfc when it was released last year. A small APS-C camera with cool looks and a Nikon sensor – what’s not to love right?

Having had the ZFC for about a month or so I thought I’d jot down some of my initial thoughts.

In the Hand
It’s not built like a Fujifilm camera that’s for sure! However it features a magnesium-alloy chassis and a textured body, so it’s not all bad news. The exterior dials feel good and move with a positive click that’s reassuring.

It’s a small body and having used it for a few days I soon relented and picked up an external grip which makes it much more simple to handle and matches the silver grain of the body very well.

Technical Specs
The technical specs of the Zfc are actually very good. It features a 20.9MP APS-C sensor and has plenty of tech crammed into it in terms of AF options, metering options etc, etc.

Auto focus is quick and there are plenty of options for changing including eye AF which works better than on my Z6. It also has the ability to charge via USB which is a useful feature

The one glaring omission for me is the option to switch in and out of Auto ISO easily. For whatever reason, Nikon chose to leave this option out… sometimes I’m not sure what camera manufacturers are thinking with regards to features and specs.

A flippy screen. I’ve never had a camera with a flippy screen before and wasn’t sure if it was for me. I don’t shoot video and I definitely don’t shoot selfies! An articulating screen is useful and something I have to adjust to not having now when shooting with the M10-P for instance… but a full flippy screen(?), really not sure about that.

Having said that after a months use, I actually quite like it. The ability to turn the screen around to protect it, sells it to me on it’s own and its so much easier being able to flip it out for a portrait mode frame is great and something I miss on the Z6.

Image Quality
Like all Nikons, past and present the image quality is really very good… it keeps the traditional Nikon colours and the files are easy to push and pull as required.

Being an ASP-C sensor it does not handle low light as well as a full frame camera such as my Z6, but the colours look slightly more rich to me on the Zfc compared to the Z6.


The Zfc is an ideal camera for me for everyday shooting.

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