10 things I love about the Nikon Zfc

10 things I love about the Nikon Zfc

For all I talk about my Leica M10-P and the simplicity of shooting it over the Nikon Z6, I am developing a warm feeling for the diminutive Nikon ZFC I’ve had for a little while now.

Here’s ten things I love about the Nikon ZFC.

1. Looks & aesthetic

There’s no doubting Nikon knocked it out of the park when it comes to the looks and aesthetic of the Nikon ZFC. It’s a cool looking camera & plenty of people comment on it when they see me out and about with it.

2. Image quality

The image quality the ZFC delivers is excellent. The RAW files have a beautiful tone and rendering to them and the files offer an easy to edit in post processing. The old school updated D500 sensor really packs a punch with plenty of contrast and saturation.

3. Flappy Screen

I never thought I’d say it but I’m a flappy screen convert. The ability to fold the screen out and round works really well in portrait mode. I also like having the ability to close it screen side down to help out protecting the rear screen when I’m not shooting with it.

4. Weight

Some people have complained that the build of the ZFC isn’t the best and while I would agree certain areas such as the bottom plate and battery door feel a bit cheap, it really doesn’t weigh much and my neck & shoulder are thankful after a day carrying it around.

5. Auto Focus

The upgraded auto focus on the ZFC over the Z6 is very good. Eye AF works much better and is a useful addition. Other AF modes work well and I like the snappiness of the AF overall. There are occasions when I want an AF camera for simplicity and the ZFC does the job very nicely!

6. Dials and buttons

Who says only Fujifilm can do retro? The dials on the ZFC are excellent and cover both the ISO wheel & the shutter speeds, leaving it easy for beginners to learn the basics.

7. Menu system

Normal Nikon menus are logical (most of the time) and follow a relatively standard set up across cameras. If you’re migrating from another Nikon camera you’ll pick up the camera and be able to customise the ZFC pretty quickly.

8. Exposure Delay

Using the customisable imenu and being able to quickly set up a short delay between pressing the shutter button and the camera shooting is a neat feature. Having a number of short timer options is a real bonus when shooting slow on a tripod.

9. Extended shutter times

I like to shoot long exposures and being able to shoot up to 900 seconds without going to bulb mode and having to work out how long to open the shutter for makes it easy. I wish this option existed on my Z6!

10. Price

The cost of the ZFC is a real plus point. It’s a capable camera for a lot of different genres and given its less than a £1000 GBP makes it accessible to many.

Have you considered the Nikon ZFC as an alternative to some of the other APS-C systems out there? If you’re a Nikon user at the moment, the ZFC is well worth a second look if you’re in the market for a small lightweight walk around camera.

One response to “10 things I love about the Nikon Zfc”

  1. I have this camera too 🙂 Have not used it much but I love it. The flappy screen is great for getting up close and personal with subjects low down on the ground and it works well with my vintage lenses too.


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