Another Day, another X100!

Another Day, another X100!

I’m not sure if it was a good idea to buy ‘another’ X100 series camera but there’s no denying the fact that it’s certainly the best X100 series camera made to date with the features it has packed into it.

The idea of a flip screen, the latest lens which offers secure sharp focussing wide open along with a kick in MP from the last gen X100F was most welcome and in hand it’s still such a nice camera to get out with.

How long will this one last with me, well who’s to know… I have long touted that I love the Fujifilm hardware and less so the RAW files they produce, so I guess the jury is out on that.

I did consider that maybe I could just simply shoot it in JPG mode and not worry about the RAW files, but there’s something that feels off doing that with such a powerful little camera, so I’m sticking to a fairly simple editing process in Lightroom and trying to get as much right in camera as I can.

I do know it’s a great ride along and means I don’t always have to carry the Leica M10-P along with me, meaning I half the weight of what I carry which appeals.

First impressions are quite favourable. It won’t replace the Leica M for me but it will be great to pop in a pocket for those casual moments.

Here’s a few photos from the past week or so owning the camera.

4 responses to “Another Day, another X100!”

  1. The images look very good. I would like to know why you dislike the RAW images; they allow much more editing. I shoot with a Leica Q2 which is a bit more expensive but is lightweight and very versatile.

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  2. Well, you know…I have owned numerous X100:s. I love that little camera. Still I have sold them again after a few months (I still have the original one…). Why? The answer is – I always felt that I should have brought the M instead. For me the filled the same purpose – and there were no point in having two cameras for the same purpose. To much money that could be used in other ways…but that’s just my thoughts :-).

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