About Me

When I’m not making handmade leather camera straps, you’ll more than likely find me out and about in a woodland area with my camera in hand (or more likely on a tripod)!

I have always had a want for a Leica, a digital Leica I could take anywhere, shoot anywhere and be really inspired to use it on every single occasion I could. If anyone asked what camera I really wanted it was a Leica, I was pretty much hooked on them from the first time I picked up a digital camera!

I can remember the first time I took a photograph with one – I fell in love with them. It was actually a Leica M9 which at the time was still quite the modern (and expensive) camera. Somebody I was with had one around his neck and passing it to me he suggested I try it… just that one photograph, just that one turn of the lens to focus had me hooked!

It took a little while before I was lucky enough to be in the position to buy one for myself. I had been researching the M10, and decided it was the model I wanted. So in October 2019 (I remember the date well!), I finally achieved the dream I had of owning a Leica Rangefinder. I was lucky enough to find a used M10-P in excellent condition from London Camera Exchange in Cheltenham and couldn’t get there fast enough to buy it!

Since then I have coveted the Leica M10-P I feel fortunate enough to own. I’ve also thought I should sell it (after all they are bloody expensive), felt I cannot get the best from it and felt the anguish of not being able to do some of the things I want to do with it… This has led me to buy other cameras and camera brands, but there’s something about the Leica that keeps me going back to it.

I keep thinking I should commit fully to the M Rangefinder experience, make it work for me regardless of what I shoot and at some point in time, but I also enjoy shooting Nikon mirrorless cameras and the experience they bring.

If you enjoy reading the blog and would like to support my small business, I make leather camera straps for almost any style of camera.

You can find out more about them here at 595strapco.com