The Challenge

Happy New Year to you. 2020 has been, well frankly shit for so many people all over the world...let’s hope 2021 improves dramatically for many people. On a personal front 2021 proved an interesting year, finally I found a photography niche I enjoy and one I want to build on for the future now. But,… Continue reading The Challenge

A year with the Leica M10-P

Happy anniversary to me and my Leica M10-P. It’s been a whole 12 months since I bought the M10-P from London Camera Exchange in Leamington Spa and was the culmination of many months looking and reading about Leica digital cameras. As I come to the 1st year anniversary of my Leica camera ownership, I feel… Continue reading A year with the Leica M10-P

Cemetry Stroll

Getting out and about a bit more now that lockdown restrictions are lifted means making the effort to find somewhere to wander and appreciate the time available to do such. Wandering around the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham we happened upon not just one crematorium, but two. Both beautiful places with a lot of history between… Continue reading Cemetry Stroll