Nikon Z6 in 2022

Having had my Nikon Z6 since May 2021, I thought it would be interesting for a quick update on how I’m finding it having been using it now for almost 9 months.

Primarily I bought the Nikon Z6 as a camera for out in the woods and for a bit of landscape photography, so most of the time the camera lives on a tripod. I use it rarely for anything else!

I previously had a Fujifilm X-H1 prior to the Nikon, but am not a fan of the RAW files Fujifilm cameras produce. The Nikon files are far more rich and useable than the Fujifilm files in my opinion YMMV.

Here’s a few likes and dislikes I’ve come across since owning, it’s not an exhaustive list by any means!

Things I like about the Nikon Z6

Image quality
The files from the Nikon Z6 are really very good – typical Nikon with a good amount of shadow recovery and highlight detail.

The camera feels great in the hand, it has a nice deep grip that makes it easy to hold and operate. The buttons are well placed and have a good feel to them.

User Profiles
These are handy, I have each set up for different shooting conditions. Its nice to have a dedicated ‘landscape’ setting with ISO set to 100 along with a set shutter speed and aperture as a starting point.

Prior to the X-H1 I’d never owned a camera body with IBIS. For me it’s a real bonus having a camera with IBIS and the Nikon IBIS works extremely well.

Z Lenses
I’ve got 3 Z lenses for my Z6. The 14-30mm f4, 24-70 f4 and the 40mm f4. Each has its own merits of use, are very good quality optically and albeit a little plasticky, work well.

The i Button and Menu
A really handy way of using your favourite settings and being able to change each one without deep diving into the menus.

Things I’m not keen on!

Tilting Screen
I like the tilting screen but the real annoyance is the lack of being able to tilt in portrait mode. This is a little frustrating.

No Blinkies*
Having the ability to really see WYSIWYG from the live view is a massive bonus on mirrorless cameras, however not being able to see where you’re blowing out highlights before you take the photo is a bit of a step backwards from the Fujifilm.

Long Exposure
Again, this is one of those things that occasionally frustrates. With a maximum timer of 30 seconds for really long exposures you have to go to Bulb mode and use a separate release. A much longer time mode for long exposure would be much more useful.

I’ve never known a camera body like it for attracting dust! When I received the camera and used it for the first time, the sensor was filthy! Subsequent sensor cleaning I’ve done has still not eradicated the issue and it’s a constant fight to eliminate dust from the sensor.

Lens availability
Nikon has stepped up over the past 6 months with some new Z lenses coming along. The real issue is on a mid longer length zoom lens, the only real options are the 24-200mm f4-6.3, the hugely expensive 70-200mm f2.8 or moving back to an F lens with an FTZ adaptor. If only Nikon would release a 70-200 f4, I would be set!


Having said all that, I have been really pleased with the Nikon Z6 for the kind of photography I do. Many of the things I dislike I can workaround without too much drama, they mostly are a frustration.

The camera along with the 14-30 f4 and 24-70 f4 lens makes for a relatively lightweight full frame camera. It’s actually easy enough to carry around in a Billingham Hadley without too much strain.

Would I recommend the Nikon in 2022? Absolutely, given the price a used body can now be bought for, I think it’s a bit of a steal to be honest. It’s a flexible, versatile camera with great image quality and lots to recommend it!

** A DPR user has a workaround for this which I’ve tried and seems to work quite well. The link for that can be found here –

Mad Few Days

Well, it’s been a mad few days hasn’t it – and that goes for the whole world, not just for us here in the UK.

I’m not going to say it doesn’t scare the shit out of me and my loved ones, especially when you take a look at the supermarkets and see the lack of supplies to hand available.

However, it’s not going to stop me – I will be careful with my ‘social distancing’ but it’s given me a great idea to finally get off my backside and start a little project.

Quite closeby, certainly in walking distance we have a wood and so to get out of the house whilst trying to avoid people as best I can, I’m going to dust off my trusty tripod and head over there maybe a couple of days a week to document it.

Now, for sure I am no landscape kind of guy, I really have no real clue when it comes to that sort of photography, but it will force me to learn a bit and think outside the box.

I’m going to shoot it all in black and white which should be interesting, but as I see better in black and white it makes sense. I’m going to stick primarily to a prime lens and I’m goi g to try and shoot it all at different times of the day.

So let’s see how we go with this little challenge

Stay safe out there people and be nice to each other, I’m sure we’ll get through this – we just need to have some patience and compassion with each other.

The Case for the Fujifilm X-Pro1

Yeah, yeah I know the X-Pro1 is somewhat yesterdays news in terms of price now but looking through the listings of a well known selling site shows just what a bargain the Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera has become. And that shouldn’t put one off from buying one, it still has quite a cult-like following amongst photographers and for some good reasons.

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