The Return of the F…

An ongoing saga that continues to thrill and exasperate.

With the recent release of the X100V, the cost of X100F ownership has come down quite a bit and refurbished/second hand examples are starting to fall in price making them a bit of a bargain if you have the funds to consider one.

My recent purchase of ‘another’ X100 series I believe brings me up to the 6th different X100 camera I’ve owned – crazy in anyone’s books I know!

I had been using a Ricoh GR2 for a little while, which is a great compact camera, but I did have a few misgivings about it. 28mm is quite wide and for me I wasn’t always comfortable at that focal length but the real dealbreaker for me was the lack of a viewfinder. It’s was starting to become a little frustrating particularly in sunny weather not being able to see the rear screen at times.

I’d looked briefly at the V but in reality it’s quite a financial step up over the F, even though the new features are compelling.

However, with my intention to use the F as a walkabout outdoor camera features such as the new sharper f2 lens wasn’t a primary feature I was concerned about. I’m shooting a lot more at f8 now than at f2 and lens sharpness isn’t an issue at those kind of apertures.

Enter the X100F

Fujifilm X100f

With prices dropping to under £600 for a refurbished X100f the cost to change from the GR2 to the F wasn’t too much and made it a simple choice.

My only gripe was leaving it too long and seeing the black option going out of stock with only silver being available. It wasn’t quite a dealbreaker, but I would have preferred a black model.

There isn’t really much to say about the F that hasn’t already been written elsewhere in truth. It’s a fine compact, capable of high quality images with plenty of features that really still stand up in 2020.

I like the idea of a fixed lens camera – it takes all the decisions out of hand for lens choice, the F is a small compact camera that’s easy for me to carry around whether out walking or when travelling.

With the addition of the NiSi compact filter system I can use the F as an outdoor camera for casual landscape photography, travelling light with a small footprint.

The NiSi filter system is ideal, slipping easily into a pocket and with a 3 stop ND filter I can use that in conjunction with the onboard 3 stop filter to really slow things down when I want to.

All of this kit slips easily into the small Peak Design 5 litre sling I have making it the ideal travel companion. My only issue now is what to do with my Leica M10-P!

Summertime with the Fujifilm X100F

We’re pretty fortunate living where we do as we have plenty of woodland areas nearby offering some real nice scenery. Getting out and about nice and early means there are very few people ever around other than the odd dog walker or cyclist traversing the paths that lead around these beautiful green spaces.

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